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Floral Origami

Paper + Origami + Flowers = Beautiful!

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Today, I did a quick arrangement in purple. Here is the end result. It has 6 roses total. 2 large roses and 4 little roses. I put them into a little basket and added a some paper grass. Here it is from a different angle where you can see all the roses. Here is a […]

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The long stem roses that I fold are folded using the Kawasaki method. It only uses a single square sheet of paper. I know some other methods use several pieces of paper. But I like to sticking to one sheet if at all possible. And this Kawasaki rose looks gorgeous! There are free tutorials for […]

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Roses are forever flowers, in my opinion. They are timeless in what they stand for. Here are some paper origami roses. I’ve made these in various colors. I make these with 20″ long wire stems. The roses measure about 4″ in diameter.

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