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Floral Origami

Paper + Origami + Flowers = Beautiful!

I think you will like this video of a field of origami flowers! A little bit of creativity and ingenuity and lots of paper, and you get the following:

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I am amazed!

I am amazed at how versatile origami is. And with enough time and patience, a whole kingdom can be folded!

Over at, you can explore several kingdoms that the two authors have created from just origami. It’s amazing what they have done. There are a lot of free origami folding instructions on the site too.


Here is a pink lily that I made.

The lily turned out really nice and huge! It measures almost 9″ in diameter!

Just like with the orchid, I got the instructions for this from a CD from

I make them with 20″ long stems using floral wire and tape.

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I really like this origami flower of a white phalaenopsis orchid.

This flower requires 3 sheets of paper (one large, one medium, one small). The large sheet is for the flower petals, and the two smaller sheets are for the mouth of the orchid.

I got the instructions for this from a CD I bought from

I make them with with 20″ long wire stems for easy placement of the flower. The flowers themselves measure a good 4″ in diameter.

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The long stem roses that I fold are folded using the Kawasaki method. It only uses a single square sheet of paper. I know some other methods use several pieces of paper. But I like to sticking to one sheet if at all possible. And this Kawasaki rose looks gorgeous!

There are free tutorials for this origami rose and here are a couple that I think do a great job of showing you what you need to do.


The second video is one that I did. I didn’t have a sound proof area to retreat to, so there is some background noise . . .

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Roses are forever flowers, in my opinion. They are timeless in what they stand for. Here are some paper origami roses. I’ve made these in various colors. I make these with 20″ long wire stems. The roses measure about 4″ in diameter.

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One of the books I use as reference for my origami flowers is the book written by Hiromi Hayashi called Origami Flowers: Popular Blossoms and Creative Bouquets.

This book includes many different flowers. And all of them are very close to the real thing, you’d be hard pressed to tell them apart if you mixed the two together! Especially if you look at the pansies inside the book!

Some of the diagrams are for the advanced origamist as the author doesn’t include some steps in the folding process that are not obviously apparent to the beginner. But, if you work your way through the book, from simple to more advanced, then you should be able to figure out what needs to be done.

Click this link to order Origami Flowers.

Overall, it is an excellent book that will show you how to fold very natural looking paper flowers!


This is a simple purple floret origami paper flower. When you combine a couple dozen of these, and arrange them in a sphere, you’ll get a hydrangea!

The instructions for this one is also in the book “Origami Flowers: Popular Blossoms and Creative Bouquets” written by Hiromi Hayashi.

The folding diagrams for this floret is fairly easy to follow.

I make these with 6″ stems of floral wire and floral tape. The little florets are roughly the same size as the little individual flowers of a large hydrangea ball.

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This yellow star origami paper flower was made with yellow paper. This particular flower takes some skill to make as the folds need to be exact to make the petals thin enough to form a star shape.

The directions for this yellow star flower can be found in the book “Origami Flowers: Popular Blossoms and Creative Bouquets” written by Hiromi Hayashi.

I make these flowers with 6″ stems and the flowers are a good size. The star flower has five pointed narrow petals.

Here is how a little arrangement of three of these yellow star flowers looks. It’s a very simple and elegant arrangement.

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Here is an origami petunia flower. I made it using purple/lavenderish wrapping paper.

The instructions for this particular flower can be found in the book “Origami Flowers: Popular Blossoms and Creative Bouquets” written by Hiromi Hayashi.

I make these flowers with 6″ stems made of floral wire and floral tape. The flowers themselves measure 1.75″ across in diameter.

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