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Floral Origami

Paper + Origami + Flowers = Beautiful!

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Orange is associated with joy and sunshine. It represents enthusiasm, happiness, and creativity. It also increases oxygen to the brain, thus stimulating mental activity.

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This calla lily and rose arrangement is my latest project. I used orange, bright green, yellow, and coral colors to create an arrangement that exudes perkiness and cheerfulness.

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I recently finished a project for wedding flowers and the results were stunning and very elegant! The flowers that were requested were calla lilies. It was a fun project to work on, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here are the photos. This is the bride’s bouquet: This is the boutonniere: The corsage: The bridesmaid’s bouquet: And […]

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Today, I did a quick arrangement in purple. Here is the end result. It has 6 roses total. 2 large roses and 4 little roses. I put them into a little basket and added a some paper grass. Here it is from a different angle where you can see all the roses. Here is a […]

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This origami flower arrangement is my favorite! Why? Because it is just cute. It’s dainty, it’s colorful, and it makes for the perfect tabletop decoration! I put one pink rose in it and a sprig with three fuschia petunias to finish it off. I used wrapping paper for the flowers and green construction paper for […]

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