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Floral Origami

Paper + Origami + Flowers = Beautiful!

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I’ve decided to put together a kit so you can make your own calla lily based on my design. It will include everything you need except the glue to keep the flowers together. You won’t need to cut anything, but you will need to glue the flower together to make it permanent. Check back soon […]


Orange is associated with joy and sunshine. It represents enthusiasm, happiness, and creativity. It also increases oxygen to the brain, thus stimulating mental activity.

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This calla lily and rose arrangement is my latest project. I used orange, bright green, yellow, and coral colors to create an arrangement that exudes perkiness and cheerfulness.

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I recently finished a project for wedding flowers and the results were stunning and very elegant! The flowers that were requested were calla lilies. It was a fun project to work on, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Here are the photos. This is the bride’s bouquet: This is the boutonniere: The corsage: The bridesmaid’s bouquet: And […]

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Today, I did a quick arrangement in purple. Here is the end result. It has 6 roses total. 2 large roses and 4 little roses. I put them into a little basket and added a some paper grass. Here it is from a different angle where you can see all the roses. Here is a […]

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I found this origami paper patterns resource from Canon where you can print out various patterns for your own origami folding. They have quite a few choices! They come in PDF format so you’ll need the Adobe Acrobat reader to open and then print it. Here’s the link: Origami Paper Patterns


These origami calla lilies are my own design. They are folded using one 8 inch square piece of paper for the calla lily flower and one smaller rectangular piece of paper for the inside stamen of the calla lily.


This origami flower arrangement is my favorite! Why? Because it is just cute. It’s dainty, it’s colorful, and it makes for the perfect tabletop decoration! I put one pink rose in it and a sprig with three fuschia petunias to finish it off. I used wrapping paper for the flowers and green construction paper for […]

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Floral Origami Globes is a book written by Tomoko Fuse which teaches you how to make floral decorative globes out of your floral origami. You can use these globes as rear view mirror decorations, as gifts, and even as ornaments! You can even make bouquets out of these globes. And for the daring, try and […]

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This video tutorial shows you how to fold an origami lily or iris flower.

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