Paper + Origami + Flowers = Beautiful!

Elegant Origami Wedding Flowers And Arrangements

I recently finished a project for wedding flowers and the results were stunning and very elegant!

The flowers that were requested were calla lilies.

It was a fun project to work on, which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Here are the photos.

This is the bride’s bouquet:

This is the boutonniere:

The corsage:

The bridesmaid’s bouquet:

And the arrangement for the pillars:

5 thoughts on “Elegant Origami Wedding Flowers And Arrangements”

  • These wedding arrangements are really pretty. My sister wants to do something like this for her wedding, is there any chance you will share the patterns?

  • this bouquet is reallyreally amazing!
    can u share a tutorial or a diagram 4 the calla lily origami?

  • When people first think about origami, they usually think about paper animals like a swan or a duck. Now we can see that there are other ways to appreciate the beauty and delicate art of origami. It doesn’t take an art connoisseur to appreciate the creativity brought about by origami floral arrangements.

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