Paper + Origami + Flowers = Beautiful!

White Phalaenopsis Orchid

I really like this origami flower of a white phalaenopsis orchid.

This flower requires 3 sheets of paper (one large, one medium, one small). The large sheet is for the flower petals, and the two smaller sheets are for the mouth of the orchid.

I got the instructions for this from a CD I bought from

I make them with with 20″ long wire stems for easy placement of the flower. The flowers themselves measure a good 4″ in diameter.

9 thoughts on “White Phalaenopsis Orchid”

  • hi, this is a really pretty orchid. i was wondering if it is possiable, can you send me a copy of the step by att. i really want to learn how to make it. 😀 thanks.

  • Hi, I was wondering too if you could send me the step by step (instructions) please! its reeeeeeeally coool!

  • hey i was also wondering of you send me step by step please im a floristry student and this would be the perfect addition to one of my projects. and i cant find it anyway where on the net. thank you so much.

  • may I please get the step by step instructions for the flower? or can you tell me exactly where to get them from, please. white phalaenopsis orchids are my most favorite flowers and my wedding is coming up and I would like to incorporate these if I can. Thanks! 🙂

  • Would you be able to send me the instructions on this flower? I’ve been searching the internet everywhere and having no luck and absolutely love it! Thanks

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